Super Angel 5500 Cold Press Juicer

The Super Angel 5500 cold press juicer is a twin items or triturating juicer that runs on the two stage process to draw out the juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. The first stage of the process uses stainless gears to gradually grind the fruits and/or fruit and vegetables into juice. The second stage then needs the juice and filter systems it by using a screen which separates the juice from the pulp and permits the pulp to be ejected by using a tube.

This two level process allows the Super Angel 5500 masticating juicer to make some of the highest quality drink and produces a very dry pulp. As with most other cold press juicers, the Super Angel 5500 operates at an gradual velocity extremely, in this case 86 RPM. Compare this to centrifugal juicers which operate anywhere from 1000 to 15,000 RPM. This poor speed makes for a juicer that is not only significantly quieter but the one that creates less oxidation signifying the juice will retain more of the nutrition and enzymes and will be in a position to be stored much longer.

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The Super Angel 5500 is manufactured entirely from stainless steel meaning this is one of if not the most durable chilly press juicers made today. This also means the produce you are juicing will never be coming in contact with cheap parts. The gears are produced from SUS-304 stainless which means a lot of grinding make.

Although this gradual press juicer works at extremely low quickness does not mean it isn’t powerful. This juicers powerful motor produces 3 HP of grinding power allowing for the gears to create the utmost amount of juice from your produce. The Super Angel 5500 actually has one of the best produces of any juicer on the marketplace right now.

Key Top features of the Super Angel 5500 Cold Press Juicer

All stainless steel construction
Easy clean up, you can disassemble it, clean it and reassemble it under 5 minutes
The world’s best juicer for leafy greens
Slow operating swiftness, 86 RPM
10 year guarantee

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But the Super Angel cold press juicer is actually one of the world’s best juicers it is not without its faults. This cold press juicer will an amazing job juicing leafy greens such as kale and wheat-grass but has a little trouble with softer fruits such as tomatoes, melons and berries. This is often the case with cold press however, masticating juicers. Centrifugal juicers typically do a much better job juicing gentle fruits but are unpleasant with leafy greens, nevertheless the juice quality won’t be as effective as what you get with a cold press juicer.

The Super Angel 5500 has a pretty small feeding chute (1.7 inch), this is a bit of a pain as you will have to cut up most of your produce before juicing. Many centrifugal juicers, and a few cold press juicers including the Omega Vert350, have a larger feeding chute which allows so that you can skip reducing up a lot of your produce, you are kept by this definitely time.

One of the primary consideration when it comes to any Super Angel juicer is the price. You won’t find a juicer from this manufacturer at under $1200 plus some of their models will cost you upwards of $2000. This is often a major issue for most individuals therefore understandably. The good thing however is usually that the Super Angel 5500 has been reported to produce 20-50% more juice that its leading competitors. Which means that over time you shall see significant savings on the amount of produce you have to purchase. Additionally, if you are serious about juicing leafy greens such as kale and wheat-grass and want to get the most nutrition from the produce you juice then the cost will probably be worth it.

Downsides to the Super Angel 5500 Freezing Press Juicer

Small feeding chute
trouble juicing softer fruits

The Super Angel 5500 cold press juicer is actually one of the world’s best juicers. If you wish to get the most out of your produce, especially when juicing leafy greens, and have the best quality drink then this juicer is a superb choice. The minor inconveniences like the small feeding chute and difficulty with softer fruits are usually more than made up for by the advantages that all Super Angel juicers have to offer. Obviously price is probably the biggest concern but again if you are really looking for all your health advantages that juicing has to offer then The Super Angel 5500 cold press juicer is a must have.