Front Yard Vegetable Garden

Lettuce in My Front Yard Garden.png

Why I Planted a Front Yard Vegetable Garden

Many of us desire to have a vegetable garden but for many different reasons can’t have one in what would be considered the typical place for a garden, the back yard.

Not all of us have the space, the right sun or the right soil to have a big garden, or even a small one, in the backyard. I happen to be one of these people.

I am lucky enough to have a good friend who has a 10 acre organic farm that he allows volunteers to operate in exchange for all the free fruits and veggies they can eat. I have a wonderful time there and enjoy the atmosphere but I of course want my own garden that I can pour my energy into as well.

10 Acre Organic Farm.png
A small part of the organic farm

Deciding to Plant a Front Yard Garden

I live in a wonderful, very small community and have a very large back yard that unfortunately doesn’t get a lot of sun. I could cut down tree branches to get a little more sun but I hate the idea of doing so and it wouldn’t make a big difference anyway.

This is how I came up with the idea of using my front yard for a vegetable garden. Instead of having a manicured lawn with some pretty flowers and shrubs I decided it would be better used as a source of healthy organic food.

Unfortunately I don’t have a large front yard so I really had to put a lot in a small place. Although making it a little harder to harvest my veggies, it worked out great and I had an over abundance of vegetables to give to all my neighbors.

Front Yard Gardens Gone Wild.png

Hazards of a Front Yard Garden

Of course there are some hazards to having your garden in the front yard, first of all it is more likely to get visited by roaming animals. If you have a lot of dogs or other animals that roam your neighborhood then chances are they might pay your garden a visit.

All that wholesome goodness is right there for any passing stranger to sample. If you have not so friendly neighbors or a lot of foot traffic passing by your front yard then you might find yourself missing a vegetable or two.

I happen to have wonderful neighbors but also have a lot of animals, not just dogs and cats but skunks, possum, rabbits, moles, raccoon, all kinds of birds and a lot of deer. This meant I had to provide some kind of defense for my poor vulnerable garden.

Aint Never Caught a Rabbit - Front Yard Garden.png

I of course couldn’t build  10 foot high fence to stop animals from getting in, it would look ugly and hide my beautiful garden from the sun. My solution was a good ole fashioned fishing line fence. If you weren’t aware, stringing up smaller test fishing line works very well for keeping deer out of your garden.

The deer can’t see the fishing line (something to do with the way their eyes see) and when they go to walk into your garden and run into the line it spooks them. Additionally they will not try to jump the fence as they can not see how high it is. Of course this isn’t going to help with most other animals but the trade off is worth it. I am able to keep the deer out while showing off my front yard garden.