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Walmart Tents for Your Next Camping Trip

Walmart tents are one of the more popular brands of camping tents right now mainly because of their low price. Now days many of us have no choice but to shop at Walmart and look for the best bargains.

Walmart’s in-house brand of camping tent is called Ozark Trail and offers customers a fairly good quality tent as a very reasonable price. In addition to camping tents you will find other camping gear from this brand including camping chairs and sleeping bags.

Walmart Tents Quality

When it comes to quality judging a camping tent can be difficult. You may hear complaints about a cheap tent that leaked or had tent poles break and the fact is you will hear these complaints about Ozark Trail tents. However, you will often times hear these same complaints about more well known tent brands such as Coleman.

The truth is, unless you spend a good chunk of change for a high quality tent you are going to run into these problems no matter which brand you own.

Ozark Trail 10 x 9 Instant Cabin Tent 1

Walmart Tents Value

You can pick up Ozark Trail tents for a very reasonable price, a smaller two person dome tent can run as little as $35 while you can purchase an extremely large 12 person, 3 room cabin tent for under $350. If you know anything about camping tents you agree these are very good prices.

Walmart Tent Problems

You do need to be aware that you can not buy replacement parts for your Ozark Trail tent from Walmart. This can cause a problem if you lose a part or end up breaking your tent poles.

However the good news is that as long as you know the size and diameter of the tent poles you can easily find generic poles on Amazon to fit just about any make and model tent.


Personal Experience with Walmart Tents

I currently own two different models of Ozark Trail tents, one I have owned for 4 years while the other I picked up last year. The first tent, a smaller dome model, has been used at least 20 times without a problem. The second which is a much larger cabin tent has been used 4-5 times and again has had no problems.

If you decide that one of the many different models of Walmart tents is right for you I am sure you will be more than happy with your decision.

Before you take your next family camping trip download this free camping checklist.

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